How to Buy a Christmas Tree from us

We have various options to purchase Christmas Trees from us:

Phone & Collect or we Deliver

Phone and Collect or we can Deliver Our order line (01455 208879) Call us during opening hours to give helpful advice, if needed, and to take your order.

Your tree will be reserved in the field and cut or dug shortly before your chosen collection or delivery date. Please see our deliveries page for an indication of delivery costs, and our tree prices can be found here.

Reserved Tree

Visit Us

If you wish to choose your tree then we have a large selection of pre cut or dug trees on display undercover.
The bays are replenished daily with fresh trees priced ready for you to purchase.

Car Tree Background

Direct From the Fields

The more adventurous are welcome to go out into the fields to choose a Christmas Tree, which can be cut immediately or reserved by tagging.

Our staff members are in the fields to assist you when you have chosen your tree.

They will cut or label your tree for you to either take home immediately or have delivered/collected at a date of your choosing.

Please Note: The fields are very muddy, you will need good boots or wellies!

Trees in field

Visit our tree guide here to help you choose the ideal tree for you.

Our Prices can be found here.

And find or contact us here.