Christmas Tree Care

Christmas Tree Care Guide

Caring for your Christmas Tree & how to look after it:

Traditionally, A Christmas Tree would be taken into the home and decorated close to or on Christmas Eve so that the tree would last through to the twelve days of Christmas.

These days the festive season seems to begin rather earlier! and although many of the varieties available can last in the home much longer you will still need to treat your Christmas tree in a sensible way to maintain its freshness until “the twelfth night’” the traditional end of Christmas.

When you take the tree back to your home, place the stem in a bucket of water outside, in a garage or some other cool place until you are ready to deal with it.

Before taking the tree into your house, tap the base of the tree on to the floor so that any loose needles drop to the ground. If you have a cut tree, it is best treated as if it were a (very large) cut flower. If possible, saw off the last inch or so from the bottom of the stem, when indoors the tree needs to be stood in a little water.

We have available for sale Special Tree Stands which will both give support to the tree and hold water. The water will be transpired by the tree and help keep it as fresh as possible under the circumstances.

  • Place the tree indoors in as cool a place as possible.

  • Try to avoid placing the tree close to a radiator.

  • Every day or so top up the water level in the container as you will be surprised how much water can be used by the tree.

    If you follow the above instructions you will have a fresh looking decorative tree with a minimum amount of dropped needles to contend with when you remove it.

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